Action Alert – Burbank Smart Meter Petition

20 Jul

Action alert!  Burbank residents, we’ve made it easy for you to take action on  the smart meter front.  We’ve created this easy and convenient on-line Burbank Resident Petition and Letter of Request.  If you’re a Burbank resident, please fill out and sign:

We’ll make sure to send your Petition and Letter to Burbank Water & Power, the Gas Company, Mayor Jess Talamantes and our City Council. Copies will also be sent to our Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and state and U.S. legislators representing Burbank residents, as well as the California Public Utilities Commission.

You should also call Burbank Water and Power to be put on their “delay” installation list, which is NOT an opt out.  So if being on the “delay” list does not guarantee you the right to opt out, what good is it? It just buys BWP more time to install their meters all around you before they get to you.  It’s just what it says it is: a delay.

So to help you assert your right to keep  the right to keep your analog meter at no extra cost (which residents and local governments statewide are taking action to achieve), sign our Petition and write BWP, and our Mayor and City Council to complain and assert your rights.  In fact, 45 local governments in California have already taken action to oppose smart meters or ban them in their communities.  Burbank should do the same.

Also please visit our companion Burbank ACTION website at:

You’ll find several terrific short videos.  You’ll also discover a lot of rational and intelligent reasons why you and all of us should be concerned about and oppose mandatory smart meters.  Armed with all that information, you will clearly see beyond the greenwash and misinformation that’s being fed to the general public and media.

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