Must-See TV on Smart Meters

28 Jul

Here are some great videos about smart meters — excellent primers and right on target as to why we should oppose smart meters.  Watch them and share them with others!

1.  “Getting Smart About Smart Meters” is an excellent primer on why liberals, conservatives, teens, greens, seniors and people of different professional backgrounds are uniting in opposing smart meters.  The forum was attended to a packed audience of 300 concerned residents in Santa Barbara and neighboring counties. Watch as featured panelists present rational and intelligent reasons to oppose smart meters:

* Cindy Sage, Sage Associates

* Joshua Hart,

* Mark Toney, TURN

* Tyson Slocum, Public Citizen (national consumer group)

* Supervisor Anthony Farrington, Lake County Board of Supervisors (District 4)

* Orlean Koehle, Eagle Forum

(SCE reps pulled out at the last minute.)

This smart meter forum was organized by Santa Barbara resident Heather Bryden, who is an active member of the Santa Barbara Tea Party.  Heather and other concerned Santa Barbara residents have formed Californians Against Smart Meters – Santa Barbara Chapter.  The video was shot by the Ecological Options Network at the Santa Barbara, CA, town hall forum on smart meters, April 28, 2011.

2. Burbank’s Jerry Day, above, on the Brave New World of Smart Meters, and privacy problems.  While at times amusing, this video often hits the target as to why we don’t want smart meters at our homes and what we should do about it.  You can download a copy of the No Consent letter he recommends that you to mail, via certified mail, to your utilities.   (We suggest you also cc your elected reps on the letter that you mail, and keep a copy for your records.)

3.  Electrical Engineer Rob States, M.S., below, presents “The Dark Side of Smart Meters,” upon invitation to the San Francisco Tesla Society on Oct. 10, 2010.  Many people say that this video really had an impact on them due to the science and technical information that States shares to back up arguments to oppose smart meters.

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