Utility companies are creating hostile environments

8 Aug

Our homes should be our sanctuaries.  However, at the Burbank Water & Power Board meeting (August 4, 2011), Burbank resident Shane Gregory informed BWP General Manager Ron Davis and Board Members how the smart meters installed at her residence are making her sick.  She pointed out a potential cause for concern: the meters may be affecting all of her home wiring, and gave Mr. Davis and Board Members a Report (below) from electrical engineer Rob States.  It shows measurements done by Mr. States at a home in northern California that had a smart meter installed and was making the owner sick.  His equipment picked up the pulses in the home electrical wiring due to the smart meter.

Meanwhile, in the California desert communities, physician Sam Milham, author of the book, “Dirty Electricity,” has found the same home wiring contamination issue that States reported.  Many call this wiring contamination “dirty electricity.”  Both States and Dr. Milham believe that dirty electricity due to these smart meters is a major contributing factor to making people sick.

Dr. Milham has also let it be known: What the utility companies and California Public Utilities Commission are doing with their smart meter installations is not only harming humans, but against the law.  As the narrator at the end of this YouTube video concludes, “Utility companies can be sued.”


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