SCE customers can now request delay while Burbank delay program falls short

10 Aug

Are you an Southern California Edison (SCE) customer, or do you have family and friends who are?

Then call or e-mail them immediately and inform them to call up SCE and request to be put on the delay list.  Read below why.

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Administrative Law Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa ruled on August 3, 2011, that the big investor-owned utility companies are putting customers on a delay list that will halt installation of smart meters until the CPUC makes a final decision on smart meter options. She writes in her ruling:

“Several parties have also suggested that there be a moratorium on the further installation of smart meters.  However, each IOU currently has provisions to delay the installation of smart meters, upon customer request.  As such, customers have a means to postpone installment of smart meters until a decision on an opt-out program is issued.

[IOU – Investor Owned Utility, i.e., this includes So Cal Edison]

Because many SCE customers may not know about this ruling, call and inform them, or share this story with them, or forward it onto them.

Meanwhile, how are we doing here at the local level?  BWP’s “delay” installation program is turning out to be a smokescreen.  It only puts you at the end of the installation list.  That’s it. How’s that for customer service?

Sign our Petition (please include Comments, if you can)and these other ones. today.

* Administrative Law Judge Amy Yip-Kikugawa at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) wrote in her ruling that was filed with the CPUC on August 3, 2011, “Application Proceeding 11-07-020, For Modification Of D.08-09-039 And A Commission Order Requiring Southern California Edison Company (U338E) To File An Application For Approval Of A Smart Meter Opt-Out Plan,” found on-line at  Go to page 6 to read the citation.


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  1. mary September 7, 2011 at 11:41 am #

    Re: Southern California Edison delay installment list. I called SCE (orange county, ca area) & they told me that they were not ordered to have a delay list. I then called the CPUC & spoke to the consumer affairs department & read them the ruling. They stated that the ruling is not an order to mandate SCE to have a delay list. It seems, by my conversation with her, that its a given that everyone is going to have to comply & that the Sept. 14, 2011 meeting is just for people to voice there opinion. I told her the CPUC was suppose to protect the consumers rights so we would not be forced to do something that we did not want to do. She said “file a complaint.” I would truly appreciate some ideas to help me stop SCE!

  2. burbankaction September 14, 2011 at 3:21 am #

    Mary, thank you for sharing your experience. The response by SCE and the CPUC is inadequate, lacking, unacceptable and appalling.

    If the Judge’s ruling has no weight, when what good is her word assuring the public and media that the private investor owned utilities (including SCE) are offering programs that will halt the installation of smart meters until the CPUC makes a decision on smart meter option(s)? The Judge also said in her ruling that as a result of the delay programs there is no need to adopt moratoriums against smart meters. But if SCE is not offering a delay program, and she is not capable of enforcing her ruling, then who is our protector and looking out for us?

    Who is leading who here? Or maybe who is misleading who here? Is the opt out proceeding then a farce, a circus or distraction to give the appearance that the CPUC is looking out for the public interest when it is in truth allowing the utilities to continue to install, install, install?

    Here are some Top 10 suggestions on what you can do….

    SCE, the CPUC Chair Michael Peevy and the CPUC Commissioners are telling consumers that they are not mandating SCE to offer an opt-out program because Southern Californians aren’t complaining about smart meters, which you know is not true. So please:

    1. Write and e-mail a COMPLAINT to CPUC Administrative Law Judge Amy Yip Kikugawa who is presiding over the smart grid and smart meter option proceedings (address her as “Your Honor”):

    Include reasons for your complaint (you can include the responses you got from SCE and the CPUC staffer when you requested SCE provide an opt out), as well as why you don’t want smart meters on your home, and what solution you want.

    a) cc the two CPUC Public Advisor offices:


    b) cc CPUC Chair Michael Peevey:

    c) cc CPUC staffer Marzia Zafar:

    You can also ask Ms. Zafar to read and submit your Comments and Questions to the Parties in the following three CPUC Proceedings:

    * A1103014 (PG&E Opt out program which also involves SCE)
    * A1107020 (request that SCE provide an opt out proposal)
    * A1107001 (SCE Smart Grid Deployment Plan)

    2. Make sure you submit a formal complaint about why you oppose the smart meters to the CPUC:

    3. Submit a Complaint to the CPUC with the EMF Safety Network :

    4. Sign the People’s Initiative Petition, which has been signed by a lot of SCE customers opposing smart meters:

    5. Print out a No Consent form:

    Fill it out, sign it, and mail it via Certified Mail to our utilities (water, gas and electric), and also request a signature confirmation (you can ask the Post office clerk for these services).

    Keep a copy of your signed form for your records.

    Send your signed copies to your Mayor and City Council, City Manager, Board of Supervisors, and local newspaper editors.

    Tell our friends and family about the No Consent form and tell them to do the same as you did.

    6. Write Letters to the Editor and inform them about what’s happening with smart meters in your area, how SCE is responding to customers, and that they go to these websites to read more about smart meters and find out what actions they can take:


    7. Print out flyers and share them with neighbors and friends. We’ve been told that knocking on doors and talking face to face with your neighbors is actually very successful in getting others to understand the problem about smart meters, informing them on what other communities are doing about them, and to help them know they can do something about it, too:

    8. Join resident groups in Southern California opposed to SCE smart meters and taking action locally and at the CPUC level against SCE’s smart meter program:

    * Southern Californians Against Smart Meters, e-mail director Sue Brinchman at:

    * Consumer Power Alliance, e-mail main contact person Heather Byrden at:

    * The People’s Initiative, e-mail founder Liz Barris at:

    9. Read up about ways people are protecting their property:

    10. Know that SCE may still attempt to install a smart meter on your home (read “Locking Ring Cut by SCE” on the EMF Safety Network’s website, — and that is why residents need to do everything they can to try and protect themselves and network with others to fight this.

    Also: Continue to take action, keep involved and share what you learn with others are you are doing — your experience and knowledge will help others! Thank you, Mary.

    — Kiku Iwata, administrator, Burbank ACTION blog

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