Major utilities and GWP offer Smart Meter Delay List and pursue options while BWP falls short on both fronts

11 Oct

SCE gives out yellow tags: SCE customers can call up SCE to be added to its Delay List that halts installation of a smart meter until the CPUC decides on smart meter options. San Diego Gas & Electric, PG&E and GWP offer the same Delay List program. So why has BWP dropped the ball?

If you’re a So Cal Edison customer, call today to be added to its Smart Meter Delay List program.  It will hold off installation of the smart meter until the CPUC decides on smart meter options.   As part of its customer service, SCE will even send you or deliver to you a yellow tag telling a potential installer not to replace your analog meter.   Make sure to share this news with all of your friends and family who live in SCE territory.

If you have friends and family in PG&E territory up north, or San Diego Gas & Electric territory down south, then tell them to call up and ask to be put on the Delay Lists for these utilities, too.

All three utilities, which combined serve more than 31.4 million customers throughout most of California, are now being required by the CPUC to offer a Delay List program to their customers who don’t have analog meters installed yet.  Here are their numbers that you can call to be put on their Smart Meter Delay List:

1.  SCE customers call: 1-800-810-2369, which is called Edison’s Smart Connect Gateway.  Read “Delay List” instructions on SCE website, in column on your right:

2.  PG&E:             1-877-743- 7378

3.  SDG&E             1-800-411-7343

Locally, neighboring Glendale Water & Power has a similar program, holding off on installing a smart meter until the CPUC decides on smart  meter options.  GWP wrote to a Glendale resident who didn’t want smart meters back in May 2011, “While GWP is not regulated by the CPUC, we feel it is appropriate to follow its guidelines with issues such as this.”

In contrast, BWP falls short.  BWP is normally a leader when it comes to innovative programs for its customers.  But its “Delayed Installation” program only puts its customers at the end of the installation period.  In addition, BWP General Manager Ron Davis  informed City Council on August 30th that he has no smart meter options for Burbank residents.  Does this make sense coming from someone who has worked more than 35 years in the utility industry, received the national American Public Power Association Award in 2010, served as President for the California Municipal Utilities Association and the Southern California Public Power Authority, and has been general manager of BWP since 1999?

Don’t Burbank residents and BWP customers deserve a fair, equitable, and “appropriate” Delay List program and response? 

As we receive complaints on our Petition Site from Burbank residents getting sick and reporting higher bills from BWP’s smart meters, it becomes evident that BWP should halt its smart meter program and wireless emissions and restore analog meters at no cost.  We deserve better answers, solutions, responses and customer service than what we’ve been given so far.

If you have any questions about GWP’s Smart Meter Delay List program and Smart Meter options plans,  GWP’s Public Benefits Coordinator Mr. Martin Powers encourages readers to call him at (818) 548-3884.

If you have any complaints about BWP’s Smart Meter and Delay Installation Programs, sign our Petition and write your Comments.  Speak up at City Council during Public Comment when it meets on Tuesday evenings.  Also write Burbank City Manager Michael Flad, Mayor Jess Talamantes, City Council Members Emily Gabel-Luddy, Dave Golonski, Gary Bric, and Dr. David Gordon, BWP General Manager Ron Davis, BWP Board Member Lyn Kronzek, and BWP Asst. Manager Joanne Fletcher, and Burbank Leader Editor Dan Evans (copy and paste their e-mail addresses below):,,,,,,


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