How to create a healthier world — what you can do if you have these common appliances

21 Oct

Our logo at the top of our blog summarizes our goal here: “Promoting a healthier world.”  To that end, let’s start right here and today by looking inside and outside our own homes.   Here are some ways you can create a better and healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

Watch how this corded phone affects the heart rate of a test subject who didn’t know that the phone was active.   I.e., this is your heart.   This is your heart on cordless phones.

Share that video above with others, it’s so important.

If that changes how you look at cordless phones, then watch the  eye-opening special news report by KTVU San Francisco, “Mobile devices emitting microwave radiation at levels illegal in other countries.” It features  Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D., an international EMF health expert and Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University in Canada, and shows her going through a family’s ordinary home with her RF measuring device.  She finds sources of high levels of RF radiation emitted from typical household appliances, and makes helpful suggestions.   Click the following link to watch, and you’ll be amazed:

So ditch those cordless phones in your homes, folks, today, and go back to wired (landline).

Buy a corded home phone today.  AT&T sells corded phones at its on-line stores, and we bought ours at our local Fry’s Electronics store for around $26.  If you go on-line, you can also find  retro corded phones (refurbished) and an assortment of elegant and fun designer style phones that are corded.

Some of the conventional corded phones have answering machines that require an AC plug-in or batteries.  So, make sure you have at least one corded phone in your home that does not require a battery or AC plug to operate so you can still use it during a disaster or emergency when your home power goes out.  During some disasters, cell towers may also go out, because they either do not have any battery back-ups or their back-up batter only lasts for a limited amount of hours.  In addition, internet phone service is cheap but it won’t work when your power is out.  So a landline phone is smart to have and hold onto.  When you call 911 on a landline phone line, the 911 operator will know immediately and exactly where you are, which could save your life when seconds count for emergency responders to locate you.

Read, “Cutting the cord: Phone customers urged to keep landlines for emergencies,” July 25, 2010:

Wired Routers and Internet Cables.  When connecting to the internet with your computer or TV set, opt for the wired router, and turn off your wireless and bluetooth receivers and transmitters in your laptops and computers.   Purchase a cable or DSL modem and a wired router, with ethernet cables connected to your laptop and/or desktop computer.  You can order the Cisco-Linksys wired router, which gets a very good rating of 4 out of 5 stars, to be delivered to your home or work: Cisco-Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch

Baby Monitors.  Like Dr. Havas advised, keep the baby monitors away from the baby’s crib and head.   Better yet, if you’ve got the time and resources, put together wired baby monitor set like this one:   You could probably do it yourself by purchasing equivalent parts and consulting with  your local electronics store or Radio Shack. NextStep also has this wired baby monitor setup, but as of today, it’s sold out, so you should write to NextStep to see when they’ll have more in stock: also has a variety of wired cameras and audio setups you could use; see LYD CM208CA Mini Spy Camera with Audio

Microwave Ovens.  When you watch this video below, you’ll probably want to stop standing right next to the microwave to watch how it cooks, or get out of the room when it’s operating, or opt not to have one at all.

Avoid Walkie Talkies.  You and your children should avoid using walkie talkies unless you really need to (emergency use), because they emit high levels of RF.

Consult with an expert to update your home.  You can contact your nearest Building Biologist, EMF health consultant, or electrical engineer to go through your home, and take RF readings to find sources of RF radiation and “dirty electricity,” as well as any other toxic substances and materials that can harm your health.  They can  find or recommend ways to mitigate or eliminate them.   Check out the Institute for Bau-biologie & Ecology website to find a building biologist near you:

If you’re thinking of building your “dream” green , clean, and EMF-free home, contact one or more of them before you start designing and building so you won’t have to pay the costs related to retrofitting your home later.  They can also find or suggest ways to route, hide, insulate, and tube your wired internet and phone cables, and electrical lines.

If you’re looking into buying a home: location, location, location.  Find a home that’s at least 1500 feet away from the closest cell tower or wireless antenna facility, and that’s not near any citywide WiFi emissions, or power lines (linked to increased childhood leukemia).  Pick a city that that doesn’t have any smart meters  and doesn’t plan on installing them, either.

Avoid the new Smart Appliances.  A new generation of household appliances (washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.) are being manufactured with RF chips in them so they can communicate wirelessly with your smart meter home network.  See, with your smart meter, your utility is going to try and convince you to also have a Home Area Network (HAN)  gadget.  This HAN may have a screen that you can view to tell you which appliances are using energy and when.  This HAN device is like a central hub that communicates wirelessly  back and forth with the “smart appliances,” and can  communicate your energy usage data back and forth from the HAN to the smart meter.  The meter can then communicate that data wirelessly onto the utility company.  Do you really want your utility to have that much personal information?  And do you really want to add more RF radiation throughout your home?

Cell phone safety habits and cool tools.  As for your cell phone, set up healthy habits today — you and your children should not use them (unless you really need to).  Turn it off whenever possible.  When you’re around someone who is electro-senstive, turn your cell phone off because your powered-on cell phone radiates RF that makes them sick.  It would be like smoking cigarette smoke into the face of a person who is allergic to smoke.  It’s toxic to their health and also inconsiderate.

To find the safest phones out there, or the radiation levels of your phone, check out the Environmental Working Group’s “Shopping Guide to Low-Radiation Smart Phones”:

For earpieces and headsets, avoid the Bluetooth earpiece because it’s always emitting radiation and causes your cell phone to do the same.   Use an airtube headset (the one with the hook will probably stay on your ear better than the one without an ear hook).  It loks like this: RF3 ENVi Natural Wood Mono with Earhook Cell Phone Headset

Or if you want to go retro, get what Gwyneth Paltrow uses with her cell phone: a Yubz Mobile Phone Retro Handset.  It plugs into your cell phone and even has a volume adjuster.

For you I-Phone users, in this video below, you’ll see how the last device tested is the I-Phone, and it is emitting higher RF than the other cell phones shown in this video, especially when you’re actively using the I-Phone applications and transmitting data back and forth to the wireless network.

Avoid using your I-phone like the man in the video (above).

So, what can you use instead of the iPad if you really want one of those touchscreen pads?  Regarding iPads and e-readers, their manufacturers have yet to come up with models that will allow you to turn off its wireless receiver and transmitter and communicate via wired LAN.  HOWEVER, go on-line and do a search for tablet computers with wired communications ports and you find some possible leads.  For instance, Fujitsu makes the LIFEBOOK tablet PC with a touchscreen that does have a wired ethernet port to connect you to the internet.  There are several LIFEBOOK models that vary in specifications and prices.  The LIFEBOOK T580 is the cheapest model, at around $975.  You can order it on-line, see: LIFEBOOK T580 10.1″ LED Tablet PC – Core i3 i3-380UM 1.33 GHz.  You can also contact Fujitsu to confirm that any wireless and Bluetooth features can be shut off manually, before making  your purchase:

Toshiba has a “Satellite Pro” line of laptop computers that has a LAN wired internet port and, according to its website, features a touchscreen.  You can order the base model on-line, for around $560: Satellite Pro C650-EZ1550 15.6″ LED Notebook – Core i3 i3-2310M 2.10 GHz – Black.  You can also contact Toshhiba to confirm that any wireless and Bluetooth features can be shut off manually, before making  your purchase:

Keep wireless devices off your body.  Also, keep wireless laptops, readers, pads, and cell phones off your bodies, away from your heads, out of your pockets, and away from your private parts.  Wear a clip belt or carry them in a purse or turn them off if you’re going to put them any where near your chest/breast, or family jewels.  Peer-reviewed studies have shown that mobile phone radiation can harm male fertility. See CNN report, “Cell phones can affect sperm quality,”

San Francisco's new Right-to-Know Cell Phone Safety Poster

Using cell phones is getting to be more and more like smoking.  Some people call wireless RF radiation electrosmog, but probably a better and more appropriate name would be to call it electrosmoke.

Just like cigarettes and second-hand smoke, pregnant women should avoid using cell phones, and carrying or laying cell phones and laptops on or near their unborn child.

A 2008 study showed that women who  used cell phones during pregnancy had children with behavioral problems.  Read, “Safety and Cell Phones: What Pregnant Women Should Know”:

A more recent study of women who used cell phones regularly found similar results.  Read, “Mobiles warning for mums-to-be: Using phones while pregnant ‘can lead to behavioral problems in children'”:

There is research showing a possible link between electromagnetic radiation exposure and autism in children, as well as EMF exposure and an increased risk of miscarriage in women, and asthma in children.

Read the Autism Society’s “Can Cell Phones Cause Autism?”:

Also read and listen to this important MedPage report, “Power Lines, Cell Towers Tied to Asthma Risk”:

The evidence that our bodies react to this type of radiation grows. Here are four recent studies that document how our bodies are electrosensitive and can react and respond to this type of radiation:

1. McCarty, Carrubba, Chesson, Frilot, Gonzalez/Toledo, Marino: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Evidence for a Novel Neurological Syndrome, International Journal of Neuroscience, 2011:

2. Schmid, Loughran, Regel, Murbach, Bratic Granauer, Bersagliere, Kuster, Acherman: Sleep EEG alterations: effects of different pulse-modulated radio frequency electromagnetic fields, Journal of Sleep Research, April 12, 2011:

3. Havas, Marrongelle, Pollner, Kelley, Rees, Tully: Provocation study using heart rate variability shows microwave radiation from 2.4 GHz cordless phone affects autonomic nervous system, published in Non-Thermal Effects and Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter, An ICEMS Monograph, European Journal of Oncology, Library Vol. 5, 2010:
Watch related video:

4. Carrubba, Frilot II, Chesson Jr., Marino: Mobile-phone pulse triggers evoked potentials, Neuroscience Letters, 2010:

Earlier this year, the  National Institutes of Health released results from Dr. Nora Volkow’s study showing how our brain has a physiological response to cell phone radiation (the metabolism in the brain increases when study subjects were exposed to cell phone radiation without knowing that the cell phone was on).  Watch her C-SPAN interview:

Moreover, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (wireless radiation) as a Class 2B possible carcinogen based on studies showing an increased risk of glioma (a malignant type of brain cancer) associated with wireless phone use.  See the WHO IARC press release: and CNN’s report,

Keep wireless devices away from children and loved ones, including your animal friends.  Above all, children’s small skulls, heads and bodies absorb radiation more easily than adults, so keep wireless devices and cell phones away from children (and pets or animal friends).   Read the Microwave News report, “Children and Cell Phones: Time to Start Talking Sense”:

Parenting Magazine - Click on story once to access story, then click 1 more time to read it.

Ask your school, churches, daycares and libraries to opt for wired internet systems instead of wireless.  Urge them to adopt a policy of not accepting cell towers and wireless facilities on or near their property.  Avoid exposing your children for long periods of time in Wi-Fi environments.  The WHO classification of wireless radiation as a Class 2B possible carcinogen (on par with lead and DDT) extends to that emitted from other wireless devices, including  WiFI, cell towers, wireless facilities and smart meters.

Read the Toronto Sun story, “Wi-Fi dispute continues to raise concern,”

/Toronto_Sun_article_July_1.pdf .

Also read what action this school took as a result; read CTV story, “Ontario school cuts Wi-Fi over safety concerns,”

About a month later, another Ontario School removed Wi-Fi, read, “Second Ontario School Removes Wifi Due to Health  Concerns,” Oct. 11, 2011:

Find out if there’s a cell tower near your child’s school, or the school that you’re considering having your child attend.

Ask your school or church administrator what their policy is about installing wireless cellphone antennas and cell towers on their property, and inform them why they should support not having either on or near their properties.

Stay way from smart meters that utilities want to install at our homes and hold onto your analog maters before it’s too late.   If you’re utility doesn’t plan to install smart meters in your town, consider yourself extremely fortunate and sitting on or owning a goldmine.  You’ve now got prime real estate and your home truly is your castle.

For others living in areas where they’re being installed, call to be added to the Delay List if they have one until a decision is made on options.  Advocate for keeping analogs at no-cost, no extra fees and  no higher rates.  Advocate for abolishing smart meters and their wireless infrastructure in your community.  The Federal government doesn’t require them, so the utilities should not be forcibly installing them at our homes.

If you already have a new smart meter installed at your home, call a Building Biologist or electrical engineer or EMF health expert to find ways to mitigate the “dirty electricity” that the smart  meter may be producing on the home wiring throughout your house.  If you experiencing disabling and life-threatening health symptoms, ask your doctor to write a letter to your utility and local officials supporting your reasons to have analog meters at your home.

Some people have gotten so sick, and when their utilities fail to heed their pleas to remove the smart meters, they have taken it upon themselves to  purchase an analog meter.  They hire a professional electrical engineer and replace the smart meter with the analog one.  The utility company may say you are tampering with their meter if you take that path.

Others who still have their their analog meters on their home, have locked up their gates and/or built enclosures in an effort to prevent the installer from removing their analog meters.  They enclosures are constructed to still allow the the utility to read the meters on a monthly basis.  Read “Defending Your Analog Meter,” on the Stop Smart Meters website:

In response, utiliites have either haraassed residents or threatened to shut off their power.   In California, the utilities can not shut off your power unless you have failed to pay your bill, so residents who take the measures above have to make sure to pay their bill in advance or not miss a payment in order to avoid shutoff.   Read “Empowering Choices” on the EMF Safety Network website:, and “Utilitise Lies, Threats of Night-time Raids & Federal Prosecution,” on the Stop Smart Meters website:

The smart meter Switching Power Mode Supply has been found to contaminate home wiring with “dirty electricity” that is making people (and their animal friends or pets) sick. Read “And What of the Animals?” on the Stop Smart Meters website:

Even RF-off or smart meters without any RF capabilities are reportedly making people sick, so advocate for keeping or restoring analogs whenever possible.

Also keep yourself, your children’s and your animal friends/pets away from the smart meters and related Wi-Fi repeater/collector antennas in your neighborhoods.

The smart meters have been found to exceed the FCC RF public safety standard.  Read the Sage Reports,

Also read Stop Smart Meters’ report, “‘Smart’ Meters Violate FCC Regulations. Period”:

On that note, save the date for Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011, at 7:00 p.m. , and attend the “Southern California Smart Meter Community Forum.”  During the event,  you will learn the truth about smart meters and the problems they’re creating — higher bills, and health problems, as well as privacy, security and public safety concerns.

Residents from throughout Southern California are organizing and hosting this non-partisan event, free to the public.  Keynote speakers include:

  • International EMF health expert Cindy Sage, co-author of The BioInitiative Report; she has also done field studies on smart meters and found that they can exceed the FCC’s RF public safety standard (see
  • Mindy Spatt of TURN (a consumer and utility watchdog group for Californians, see
  • Orlean Koehle, who has spoken at national conferences on how smart meters are a threat to our privacy/property rights, and she has also authored “Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meters.”  She is also the California Eagle Forum President.

Their presentations will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.  Location for the forum is: Moose Lodge, 357 West Arden Avenue, Glendale, CA 91203.   Check our “Smart Meter Forum” page for updated info on the event.  For more info, contact us at


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