Residents in Glendale and Santa Cruz get analog meters after complaining about smart meter health effects

3 Nov
Thanks to Glendale resident Tony Passarella of for this breaking video news report — a Glendale resident had gotten her smart meter removed from GWP after persistently complaining to local officials and GWP about how the smart meters were affecting her health.  GWP swapped out the smart meter for an analog one.   Tony gives us on the spot reporting and scoops our papers and local TV crews! Watch  “Smart Meter Removed,” below.

And watch related report: “GWP Resident Speaks Out,” below:

Meanwhile, KION-TV now reports on Santa Cruz resident Caitlin Phillips, who got similar results with PG&E after being persistent with her health complaints and taking them directly to the CPUC – she had taken the additional measure of hiring a contractor to replace PG&E’s smart meter with a temporary analog one.  Watch KION’s news report:

Stop Smart Meters wrote up a report this week calling PG&E’s response a “dramatic turnaround that could signal the beginning of a widespread recall of wireless ‘smart’ meters.”   Lets hope so.  The post features video documenting how the PG&E installers installed their approved analog meter, and video of Caitlin complaining and asking for help at the CPUC meeting.  Go here to read and watch:

What can we take away from this?  Getting an analog meter after a smart meter has been installed is by no means easy or fast, and your attempts to do so may not succeed like above.  Be as persistent about complaining as the Glendale and Santa Cruz residents —  to your  local officials, utility reps, and state regulators, and other agencies, if necessary.  Document your complaints and results, and share that with others.   Similar tactics by those who live in multi-residential complexes may be more difficult — and require everyone who lives there to send in a group complaint to your landlord, property owner, the utility, local officials and state regulators, and also sharing that complaint with the media to make it more public.

Note: The digital analog meter, and the smart meters with the RF turned off, are reportedly still causing some  residents to get sick.  Thus,  residents opposed to smart meters are urging consumers to make sure they insist on the restoration of their  “electromechanical” analog meter (with the spinning wheels) to swap out with a smart meter that has been installed at their home.

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