CPUC Event Alert – Speak up this Thursday

11 Jan

Event Alert:

Be there!  CPUC PUBLIC MEETING, this Thursday, January 12, 9 AM at the CPUC Building, 500 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Come early to speak–you should sign up by 8:50am.

The opt-out as proposed by President Peevey is incomplete, illegal, extortionate, and fatally flawed!

Your voice is requested at the CPUC meeting–to let the Commissioners know that this proposed decision must go down in flames, and NOW!

As drafted, this opt-out has: no provision for opt out by cities and towns–extortionate costs to the consumer–is based on an non-existent mandate–with no hearing for the opposition in the proceeding.

PULL THE PLUG! The “smart” meter program is a public health and consumer crisis just waiting to happen–oops! it already has!

Read upon some of the details in the latest Stop Smart Meters post: http://stopsmartmeters.org

Please join others opposed to smart meters at the public comment portion of the meeting (9am).

Even if you have spoken before on the subject, you may now tell them when you sign up that you wish to “comment on Agenda Item #61” — this is the first time in over a year that “smart” meters have been on the CPUC meeting official agenda.

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