Utility consultant now recommends opt out in face of growing smart meter opposition

28 Jan

The Stop Smart Meters world is getting smaller and smaller, as resident groups wanting to Stop Smart Meters are growing and emerging across the nation and around the world.

Special thanks to the original group in Santa Cruz, California, Stop Smart Meters!, and its website, that started it all.

Wanting to protect our homes, families, friends, communities, and fundamental human rights, while seeking to achieve a cleaner and greener world that safeguards our health and future resonates with concerned citizens of the world everywhere.

Now there’s Stop Smart Meter UK, Stop Smart Meters Australia, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (Canada)Stop Smart Meter Michigan, Stop Smart Meters Now (Tennessee), StopSMeters (Vermont)Stop OC Smart Meters, and Stop Smart Meters Irvine, just to name a few.  See the growing list on the Stop Smart Meters website by clicking here.

No wonder utility consultants are now recommending that utilities offer smart meter options.  Read Transmission and Distribution World’s “Smart Meter Opt Out Programs Spread Across North America,” posted Jan. 12, 2012:

To defuse opposition from smart meter foes and allow utility companies to move forward with grid modernization plans, utility leaders may have to consider creating smart meter opt-out programs regardless of the validity of opponents’ concerns about health, safety and privacy, according to Chartwell’s latest industry report, Smart Meter Opt-Out Programs 2012.

…not just any program will suffice. Offering to disable the RF transmitter after installing the smart meter, for example, does not always satisfy vocal opponents.According to the report, an analog option has better potential to neutralize smart meter conflicts and clear the air for better customer outreach efforts with the vast majority of customer who will choose smart meters.

Read more here: http://tdworld.com/customer_service/smart-meter-opt-out-0112/#ixzz1kmc3D200

Actions you can take:  Share the Transmission and Distribution article above with your local officials and utilities.  Support grass roots or non-profit organizations like Stop Smart Meters, the EMF Safety Network, the Center for Electrosmog Prevention, the EMR Policy Institute, and others listed in the Links in the left side of this blogsite — or your area or state resident group that is opposing mandatory smart meters.  Also write your state Public Utilities Commission, and local, county, state and U.S. elected officials, and tell them to:

(1) oppose mandatory smart meters;

(2) support the elimination of smart meters and wireless infrastructure in your community, and, at the very bare minimum;

(3) support and honor the right of residents to keep or restore analog meters without being charged extra fees, costs, or higher rates.

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