Attend Burbank and Glendale City Council meetings this Tuesday to oppose BWP and GWP Smart Meter Opt Out plans

6 Mar

Event Alerts!

1) Attend Tue. March 6th Burbank and Glendale City Council meetings.  BWP and GWP are scheduled to ask our Mayors and Council Members to approve their Smart Meter option recommendations.  Tell our elected officials that BWP or GWP’s recommendations are not acceptable options.  They are also out of sync with what the state CPUC recently approved for millions of Californians.

The CPUC approved on Feb. 1, 2012, a Smart Meter Opt-Out program that will allow millions of Californians to keep or have an electromechanical analog meter.

In contrast, even though area residents for the past several months have been asking to keep or restore the electromechanical analog meter, BWP an GWP are not recommending the electromechanical analog meter as their opt-out meter.  They are instead recommending the Smart Meter with the RF-disabled.

However, residents in PG&E territory report those type of Smart Meters make them sick due to the SMPS, which creates a dirty electricity problem throughout the home wiring.  In addition, as numerous residents have testified at CPUC public hearings, we do not trust our utilities to keep the RF disabled or turned off.  So the Smart Meter with the RF-disabled or RF-turned off is NOT an option at all.

Tell your elected officials that BWP or GWP is thus recommending an option program that is discriminatory, inequitable, unfair, prohibitory, and thus unreasonable and unacceptable.

FYI: BWP’s opt-out plan is a one-time only offer that is only available to current residents within 60 days after City Council approves the plan and fees..  This basically traps those residents who opt out in their own homes — they cannot move to another residence in Burbank and still have the freedom of choice to have an analog meter.  In addition,if new or prospective buyers are interested in moving into Burbank, they will be able to choose fo opt-out of a smart meter.  This creates a serious real estate problem and could devalue our property values, especially if residents in other communities  are allowed to opt-out of smart meters, or don’t have any installed in their community and are smart-meter-free.

BWP and GWP fees to opt out are also extortion and prohibitory, as well as higher than the CPUC approved opt-out fees.

BWP Fees: $165 up-front, $20 per month

GWP Fees: $62 up front and $55 per month for electric; $55 up front and $34 per month for water

CPUC Approved Fees for PG&E: $75 up front and $10 per month; $10 up-front and $5 per month for low-income customers.

We should not be forced into or underwrite a Smart Meter program that we never agreed to or consented to, and so we also should not be forced to pay to opt out of something we are already paying for and never opted into. 

The Federal government does not mandate Smart Meters on our homes, and so the Cities of Burbank and Glendale should not, either.

We should be allowed to have or keep electromechanical analog meters like other Californians, and at no-cost.

See Burbank Council Agenda, go to Item 11, and click BWP Staff Report and Attachments:

See Glendale Council Agenda, and click Item 8a for GWP Staff Report:

City Council Meeting Info: Meetings start at 6pm but the items are not at the very start of the meeting, so if you arrive at 7pm you will still be okay.  Fill out a Public Comment card and hand it to the City Clerk at the front of the room so the Mayor can call your name to speak.  You will be given 3-4-5 minutes to speak depending on the length the Mayor says you can speak.

Burbank City Council Meeting: City Hall, 2nd Floor Council Chambers, Burbank 91502

Glendale City Council Meeting: City Hall, 613 E. Broadway, 2nd Floor, Glendale 91206.

2) Write and call your Mayors and City Council Members today and tell them to oppose your utility’s proposed Smart Meter Options and Motion — and that they should support no-cost analog meters!

Burbank City Hall: 818-238-5850

Burbank City Manager Michael Flad: 818-238-5800

Glendale City Hall: 1-818-548-4000

Glendale City Management Services: 1-818.548.4844

 Also e-mail the Mayor and City Council Members BEFORE Tuesday’s meeting:

Burbank Mayor Jess Talamantes, and Council Members: Emily Gabel-Luddy, Dr. David Gordon, Gary Bric, and Dave Golonski Group e-mail:

Glendale Mayor Laura Friedman:

Glendale City Council Members Rafi Manoukian:

Ara Najarian:

Frank Quintero:

Dave Weaver:


2 Responses to “Attend Burbank and Glendale City Council meetings this Tuesday to oppose BWP and GWP Smart Meter Opt Out plans”

  1. Shane Gregory March 7, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    This just in… The City Council of Burbank tonight voted 4 to 1 to support the opt-out program proposed by Burbank Water and Power. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. Only 90 households out of the entire city are entitled to opt out. Yes, you read that right. Also, these select few can only opt out if they start the process within 60 days. These 90 households were the last to hold out and they are the only ones who will be allowed to opt out. But even they will NOT be permitted to keep their analogs, they will be forced to have the radio-off RF meters (thus exposing them to the possibility of switching mode power supply dirty electricity), they will be required to pay an up-front fee and a monthly maintenance fee. And, perish the thought, if they decide to move they will never have the opportunity to opt out in their new residence.

    Think about this. This means that even if a Burbank resident develops health issues or becomes aware that there is a connection between health issues and smart meters, or for any other reason decides they don’t want a smart meter on their house, they will not be given the same opportunity as these 90 households. New arrivals to the city will never be able to opt out. ONLY 90 residences will EVER have this privilege again. And if you are among the select few who have been granted this option, if you move you lose it. In perpetuity. And don’t even think about it if you happen to be a renter!!

    Council members Emily Gabel-Luddy, Dave Golonski, Gary Bric, and Mayor Jess Talamantes voted in favor of this shameful plan. The only dissenting vote came from Dr. David Gordon. Despite the fact that Council had been provided the BioInitiative Report, the ICEMS monograph, all the expert opinions on the CCST study, the position statement of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the definition of the Precautionary Principle, and a host of other medical opinions, Gabel-Luddy said that there is no “conclusive” evidence proves that RF is harmful. Golonski suggested that people who had a problem with smart meters were allowing their perceptions to be their reality. Gary Bric was worried about his 3 dogs but said that after reading the material provided to him he was sure that his dogs would be safe. And, in the most shameful display of all, the mayor read from a list of questions and answers, concluding that the meters are safe and pose no health risks, all the while saying that he was concerned for the well-being of the citizens of Burbank.

    A small but dedicated group of Burbank residents have gone to council meetings week after week, month after month, since the meters were put on our homes. Sometimes we sat through meetings that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning waiting for our 5 minutes of public comment. We spent our own money on reams of reports (10 copies minimum must be presented) and earnestly and in good faith presented the Council with data, told them of our experiences (including, in some cases, testimonials about having to move from the city). We found babysitters to care for our children while we waited for out turn to speak. Some of our neighbors from Glendale and other parts of Los Angeles came and spoke to our elected officials. All of this was for naught.

    General Manager of BWP, Ron Davis, gloated when the vote was cast. Of course he did. After all, he stated in a public meeting that “electricity is a privilege, not a right.” It was a win-win for BWP and a terrible and tragic loss for the people of Burbank.

    BWP representative Joanne Fletcher called Burbank Water and Power “the best of the best” among utility companies. With tonight’s vote, we think BWP now qualifies as the worst of the worst — thanks to the help of its four friends on the Council. And with a little help from a hired gun — a shill bought and paid for by BWP who represented himself as a “member of the public.” Not. He was a contributor to the deeply-flawed, industry-funded CCST study that has been the subject of much criticism by the medical community. Twice BWP has flown in him in to speak to Council during public comments. They knew this and still they cast the shameful vote. How do they live with themselves?

    The BWP opt out program makes PG & E look warm and fuzzy. In PG & E territory anybody can opt out, for any reason, and receive an analog. To be sure they must pay a fee, but they have a choice. Here, in Burbank, there is no chance for opt out for 99.99999999999999 percent of the population. Fascism? You decide.

    Exclusionary and discriminatory…can this decision even be remotely legal????

  2. burbankaction March 7, 2012 at 10:27 pm #

    Thanks, Shane, for this update — it is so good, I am going to copy and feature it as a post in this blog!

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