CPUC set to vote on SCE and SDGE Opt-Out Plans

18 Apr

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved on Feb. 1, 2012, the smart meter opt-out program for PG&E, giving PG&E customers the right to have their analog meter but at a cost (with fees).  For those who can afford it, call PG&E and opt out today. For those who can’t afford it, Stop Smart Meters! has posted potential options.

On Thursday, April 19, 2012, watch and listen to find out how the CPUC will vote on the opt-out programs for Southern California Edison (SCE) and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDGE) customers.   Combined with PG&E customers, millions of Californians will have the analog option (at a cost) available.* 

Sue Brinchman, who heads the Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP) that is a party in the CPUC opt-out proceedings, has written a helpful article in the La Mesa Patch:

On 4/19/12, the California Public Regulatory Commission (CPUC) will vote in San Francisco on whether to adopt interim “smart” meter opt-out plans for both SDG&E and Southern CA Edison (SCE) residential customers. The opt-outs options will likely be immediately available after Thursday, with the expected affirmative vote of the CPUC Commissioners.

CONTACT SDG&E NOW TO BE PLACED ON THEIR SMART METER OPT-OUT LIST! TELL SDG&E YOU WANT AN ANALOG METER ONLY. 1-(800)-411-7343 or (best way) email info@sdge.com or write them by US Mail so you have proof that you requested this. SCE customers may go to http://www.sce.com for contact info. Followup after the vote, as well.


Read more of her article here.

Also read what Melissa Levine has written about the serious problems with the SCE Opt Out program (not allowing all SCE customers, for example, to have the analog option) on her Stop Smart Meters Irvine blogsite: http://stopsmartmetersirvine.com/2012/03/16/cpuc-issues-smart-meter-opt-out-proposed-rulings-for-sdge-and-sce-sce-will-not-allow-everyone-to-have-an-analog/

* Call this discriminatory and unfair: the analog option is not available for Californians serviced by public utilities such as BWP, GWP, and LADWP.  Read about the BWP’s terribly flawed smart meter “opt-out” program here, and  Sacramento’s (SMUD’s) horrible “opt-out” program here.


Important: The SCE “delay install” list is separate and distinct from the “opt-out” list.  You can still call  today to be put on SCE’s “Delay Install” list, and should do this as a way to protect your analog meter from a smart meter swap-out.  Ask for a Confirmation Number, or some sort of record or name to document the date and time of your call with the SCE Delay List operator.

SCE Delay List:

1-800-810-2369 (ENGLISH)

1-800-477-4455 (SPANISH)

Then  Print out the Yellow Tag Flyer that was sent to us from the Stop Smart Meters Ojai – Ventura County resident group.   (They, and the local Ojai Valley News paper, are doing an awesome job of educating their community about this issue.)  You’ll find two notices on this flyer, so ,you can put one on your gate or window in front of your home, and the other right next to  your analog meter (i.e, do not cover the dials on the meter, or your meter reader will have to tear it off to take monthly readings).  While your at it, print out more copies to share with your neighbors, friends and family (or download and e-mail it to them).

Warning: Keep in mind that SCE customers are complaining that SCE’s contracted installers, Corix, are installing the smart meters even though the customers had called SCE to be put on the Delay Install list!

If this has happened to you, please contact Consumers Power Alliance (CPA) to find out how to file a complaint and how CPA can help you get this fixed.  CPA is another party participating in the CPUC opt-out proceedings and is representing several Southern California resident groups and other organizations that are opposed to mandatory smart meters:

Consumer Power Alliance: http://www.consumerspoweralliance.com/

Read Stop OC Smart Meters “How to Retain Your Analog Meter” for more info on problems that SCE customer are experiencing, and tips and great advice: http://www.stopocsmartmeters.com/

Stop Smart Meters! also has a list of possible actions, and Smart Meter Help offers a helpful complaint form.

CEP, CPA, Stop OC Smart Meters, Stop Smart Meters Irvine, Stop Smart Meters!, Smart Meter Help, Stop Smart Meters Ojai-Ventura County, Smart Meter Health Alert, TURN, and The People’s Initiative are are doing great work in opposing mandatory smart meters for Southern Californians and increasing public awareness about this issue.  For more info on opposing smart meters, please also visit the EMF Safety Network, and the Ecological Options Network, which is also involved in the CPUC opt-out proceedings to protect the interests, concerns and health of California residents.

Please donate to these terrific groups today if you are able.

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