Make the change and start drinking from re-usable portable water bottles

7 May

Because Burbank Action is about “promoting a healthier world,” this post is about plastic water bottles.  If you liked the movie “Fresh” and “Food Inc,” make sure to rent and watch “Tapped” this week.  It’s an eye-opener about something we take for granted every day — drinking water.  Our bodies need it, and it contributes to our health, but the plastic bottles that we’ve become addicted to are seriously harming and hurting our environment, wildlife, planet and future.  Watch the trailer:

That’s right, it’s time to take action and make a change to improve our planet (and future for our children), and it starts right here, right now with you.

How?  We’re glad to see there are more portable re-usable glass or porcelain (or even BPA-free plastic) water bottles you can purchase on-line, to use and re-fill and carry with you.  Some vendors sell silicon sleeves to reduce the risk of breakage.  Others sell the bottles and tumblers with the sleeves, and some bottles even come with stainless steel infusers so you can make you own tea in them.  Just refill the bottles with water at home or at work and take with you instead of buying all of those plastic bottles and throwing them away in ordinary garbage cans and thus contributing to the problem.

Of course, if you are able to recycle any disposable plastic bottles you use, that’s great.  But try the re=usable bottle method — it may be easier than you thought!

Oh, and don’t forget to tell your friends and family to watch “Tapped” and/or use re-usable portable water bottles, too!  Each one of us can make a difference toward creating a healthier world.

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