Tell City Council Tuesday to update the wireless ordinance to better protect residential neighborhoods!

17 Sep

“Save Burbank Neighborhoods,” the group of pro-active residents that successfully brought together their community and beyond to oppose and appeal an unsightly and humongous proposed T-Mobile cell tower (wireless facility) at their neighborhood’s church — and won (!) — is now alerting residents on how they can protect their neighborhoods against these divisive wireless projects, too.

Attend this Tuesday’s (Sept. 18) City Council meeting and during Public Comment, tell our City Council members that you want them to update the city’s wireless ordinance to fix that loophole that allows cell towers (wireless facilities) in residential neighborhoods. Tell them to protect our homes, families, children and neighborhoods!

The meeting begins at 6pm, and it’s Item O-6 on the Agenda, and so there will be TWO opportunities to speak up at this meeting:

1) Because this item is NOT a public hearing, you will NOT be able to speak on this item when it is discussed between Staff and City Council.  So, to make your Public Comment before the item is discussed and decided upon — make sure to fill out a Yellow Speaker Card when you arrive and submit it to the City Clerk up at the front near the podium.  Then when Public Comment is solicited by the Mayor (item L on the Agenda listed as “Public Comment”), he will read your card/name and you can go up to the Podium and speak for 5 minutes. 

2) After the City Council discusses the item with Staff (again, Item O-6 on the Agenda), and makes a decision on how to move forward, there will be a 2nd opportunity for Public Comment (Item P on the Agenda).  If you want to make a final comment on the decision or action that was taken, make sure you fill out a Green Card with your name (you must submit it to the City Clerk up front  before Item P is called or when others are still providing Public Comment during this Item (P).  You will be allowed 3 minutes to speak.

You do NOT want to have to go through (fight a cell tower) like this neighborhood had to — no Burbank  neighborhood should be put through that again.   Read more information on the “Fight the Tower”/Save Burbank Neighborhoods website on how you can ask our City Council members to take action, including writing letters/e-mails, and why this is so important. by clicking here.

To read the Staff Report prepared by our city’s staff for City Council to review and consider, click here: Item 6 Staff Report for Burbank City Council 09-18-2012

To read the areas where cell towers/wireless facilities can be built under the current ordinance near or next to your home, or child’s school, click here: Item 6 Exhibit F for Burbank City Council 09-18-2012.

FYI, location of City Council Meeting is the same as usual: City Council Chambers, Burbank City Hall, 275 East Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91502.


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