GAS Company Begins Smart Meter Program – GET DEFERRED NOW!!!

7 Feb

SoCalGas-NoSmartMeterArtwork - CroppedSoCalGas (The Gas Company) has launched its $1 billion smart meter gas program.  At that price, do you think it’s going to result in lower gas rates for you? Wasting a billion dollars on new “smart” gas meter technology to record how much gas you use when is what TURN calls “the dumbest smart meters yet.”

So call SoCalGas’ Deferred Installation Plan department at  1-877-238-0092 and ask for a deferred install today!  Document who you spoke to and when you called for your records.

Read instructions #2 below for more details.

MORE DETAILS:  This timely and important message comes from Consumer Power Alliance (CPA). CPA has been fighting Smart Meter installations since 2009. If you would like to be added to their mailing list click here. To support their efforts, donation are always appreciated.

Gas Company Begins Installing their Version of Smart Meter
With No Opt-Out Program Approved, Offers Deferred Installation

  1. While we await the final opt-out fee decision from the PUC, and in the wake of the disclosure that the Department of Energy itself has been hacked and of China’s massive cyber-spying of US media, So Cal Gas has begun deploying what they call “advanced metering.”
  2. Option – If you do not want a battery-operated transmitting device attached to your gas meter for their wireless network, or if you do not want your current very safe, 30 to 50 year lifetime Bakelite meter removed at the discretion of the utility, So Cal Gas Is offering a free Deferred Installation Plan. CALL 877-238-0092 to apply. Wait for the Advanced Metering Prompt, and select speak to representative; it’s an easy process.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: This is not an Opt-Out. As you recall, the Gas Company Opt-Out Proposal has not been approved by the PUC, since it was challenged by CPA, because it would have meant SCE customers would have been charged two opt-out fees for gas and electricity, when PG&E and SDG&E customers would only pay one opt-out fee for both gas and electricity. In addition, opt-out fees have not been finalized, so collecting fees would be a waste of time and money for both customer and utility, and, as you know, CPA has led the call for free opt-outs via socialization.
  4. CPA fully endorses TURN”s assessment that the Gas Company’s priority should be repairing pipelines, per the PUC’s Ruling after San Bruno, since gas leaks are a major concern in California’s arid climate’s avid production of fire zones. In addition, some experts are concerned about the batteries being compromised by hot weather and earthquakes – and a real life potential threat to the consumer and environment.
  5. If safety is important to you, please consider the Deferred Installation Program. Remember that,if you sign up for Deferred Installation, you will also have to apply for Opt-Out later.
  6. Should you experience any problems with the Gas Company Deferred Installation, please contact CPA at, and we will inform our attorneys, headed by Mr. Tobin, who are handling this matter.
  7. Donations should be sent directly to James M. Tobin; Tobin Law Group; 1100-D Mar West Street; Tiburon, CA 94920. Please designate that it is for the CPA Legal Fund.
  8. Thank you for your support.
Consumers Power Alliance (CPA) is a public benefit association dedicated to the ongoing education, representation, and protection of California consumers. CPA participates in the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulatory proceedings and other related activities.
Other actions you can take?

  • Have your city, county and state elected representatives approve and send a letter to the CPUC like former California Assembly Member Mike Feuer did!  Mr. Feuer was the Majority Policy Leader and the Calif. Assemblyman for the 42nd District (Los Angeles) when he wrote this Feb. 1., 2012 letter to the CPUC asking to halt the SoCalGas smart meter program — click here to read and share: StayonSmartMeterInstallation.  (Note: In September 2011, Mike Fuerer filed papers to initiate a second campaign for Los Angeles City Attorney, the same position he sought in 2001. The primary is March 5, 2013, with a general election, if necessary, on May 21, 2013.)
  • Sign TURN’s Petition against the SoCalGas smart meters:
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