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Burbank ACTION (Against Cell Towers In Our Neighborhood) was formed by several Burbank hillside residents who oppose a proposed T-Mobile cell tower and multiple antenna base station proposed for Burbank Water & Power property  — located right next to the baseball field at our beautiful Brace Canyon recreational park, and right next to our R-1 residential homes, two schools (Horace Mann daycare, and St. Francis Xavier school) and a church (St. Francis).

We already tested our T-Mobile phones around this area and got very good cell phone coverage, so we don’t need unnecessary cell towers in our area.  In fact, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in its decisions has supported denials of proposed cell towers when providers failed to show a significant gap in coverage.  We’ve made this  point in documents submitted and statements made at public hearings with our Planning Board and City Council, underlining the fact that local governments can control how they regulate the siting (placement) of cell towers based not just on aesthetics, but can also deny them if they’re unnecessary.

As a result of  Burbank resident concerns about unnecessary cell tower installations proposed near our homes, schools and parks, (and mirroring the concerns of residents in the neighboring City of Glendale who felt the same way), Burbank began the process of updating its wireless facility ordinance in November of 2009.   Due to resident concerns in Glendale, its Mayor and City Council in 2010 adopted one of the toughest and strongest wireless facility ordinances in the state.

In June 2011, the City of Burbank proposed an updated wireless facility ordinance  that was a big improvement from the previous outdated one the city had, but it was still not as strong as Glendale’s  — it had not adopted Burbank ACTION resident’s recommendations to keep cell towers away from our public rights of way in residential areas, and away from private schools and churches and parks in residential areas as well.

Kudos go to Planning Board Member Vahe Hovanessian for opposing the proposed ordinance update because  he thought it could be much stronger.   At the subsequent August 30, 2011 City Council public hearing, Council Members Dr. David Gordon and Emily Gabel-Luddy also raised their problems with the proposed wireless facility ordinance.  However, it was adopted with a vote of 3-2, with the approval votes cast by Mayor Jess Talamantes, and Council Members Gary Bric and Dave Golonski.

Unfortunately, wireless smart meters create additional concerns and dangers to residents now.  It’s hard enough work trying to keep cell towers out of our neighborhood.  Now Burbank Water & Power wants to install mini-cell towers (smart meters) on our homes — but there is no ordinance allowing residents to go before the planning board or City Council to contest or appeal their installation at each of our homes like with proposed wireless facilities.

We don’t need more unnecessary man-made chronic radiation exposure in our lives.  Especially when the World Health Organization has recently classified non-ionizing radiation emitted from wireless devices as a Class 2B carcinogen — on par with DDT and leaded gasoline.  Would you want to spray those toxins on your homes and street 24 hours a day every day of the year?  What kind of world are we creating for our children and ourselves?  Certainly not a green, clean or healthy one if we go that route.


To support Burbank ACTION’s efforts, also visit our companion website at www.BurbankACTION.com.  We want to promote and create a healthy world for our children, loved ones, families, friends, neighbors and community. You can also visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Also feel free to e-mail us at: BurbankAction@aol.com

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Thanks for taking action!

5 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Johannes Ostendorf November 8, 2011 at 7:08 am #

    It´s a very necessary issue ,- people are bombarded round the clock with unhealthy radiation ,- and cannot flee from it , because its already everywhere ,unseen but real , – a dreadful situation !
    Actually those people ,who do not feel it , still suffer from it ,- their physical system reacts on the radiational thread according to what it is ,- with a tension in the tissues and organs ,in the whole system , – with stress – and everyone in the field of medicine knows ,that stress is the one and only Killer !!!
    Thank you for your work and effort !
    It can save lives ,- and it will sure do !

  2. burbankaction January 12, 2012 at 1:21 am #

    Johannes, thank you for sharing your concerns. Many people, as you know, are suffering ill effects from pulsed RF-radiation. Thousands of persons are reporting ill effects from the smart meters that utilities have installed on their homes without their consent — these include headaches, heart palpitations and disorders, body aches, insomnia (sleep problems), and irritability. Others, as you mention may not yet know that their health problems are due to it. Thank you for taking time to visit our Blog and post your Comments. Please continue to inform and share your concerns with others to help increase public awareness and support positive action that can create a healthier world.

  3. Thomas Gowan January 15, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    I am writing you from Port Alberni, B.C. Canada. I am making a presentation against Smart Meters to our City Council. Here is my presentation. We must stop Smart Meters around the world or democracy is dead.

    While B.C. Hydro is telling us nice fluffy things such as “Smart Meters will save the Planet, and give us control of our electricity”, what they don’t say is that the “us” they are referring to is B.C. Hydro.
    Smart Meters came about in what’s known as a revitalized implementation of an economic model called Technocracy. This model was unveiled in the United States by Howard Scott and M. King Hebert in 1932. Due to time constraints I won’t go into the details of this essentially Dictatorship concept, however the essential ingredient for Technocracy to work was that the distribution of energy resources must be monitored & measured for every individual in society in order for the system to work.
    In the 1930’s technology didn’t exist to make Technocracy work. The required technology exists today. Smart Meters were introduced to make Technocracy work.
    Smart Meters were developed in the United States after secret meetings between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, all the European countries and other participants were brought together to create this new economic order. At the head of these meetings was President Obama. As a result of these meetings all major civilized and uncivilized countries are now installing Smart Meters, and in all cases this is being done with no discussion, debate, or input from the people paying for it, the taxpayer. Corix installers are tripping over themselves to get these devices installed before people can even understand the implications to democracy they represent. B.C. Hydro wants these devices installed quickly, because they know that once the Genie is out of the bottle, it’s hard to put back in. They are destroying every analogue meter as soon as they are pulled out whether people are at home or not. In many cases Corix installers, who are not licensed electricians are damaging appliances when the meters are replaced, leaving people in many cases with thousands of dollars in damages and B.C. Hydro assuming no liability. People of course who are not home have no opportunity to shut off their main breaker before the switch. Well folks, the Genie is out of the bottle now. What we do today will determine whether we have real democracy tomorrow. But the important thing is ” B.C. Hydro is listening”. Oh Really?
    I guess when Energy Minister Rich Coleman and Premier Christy Clark say, ” if you don’t want Smart Meters, you can go off the Grid, or leave the Province”, that’s called listening.
    Many people do not understand the implications of Smart Meters. Since most of us have wireless devices, many people say, ” what’s the big deal?”
    I won’t get into the issues of RF radiation that these Smart Meters generate. There is enough peer reviewed data out there to answer those questions. What I am concerned about beyond the obvious health issues are the privacy and security breeches that will occur inevitably with these devices. We have the right under Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to privacy and security of the person. B.C. Hydro has no authority under the Clean Air Act to put a Transmitting device on private property without the owners permission. Radio transmitting devices are covered under the Federal Radio Act
    The Radio Act has no provision under which a transmitter of any type may be installed on private property without the consent of the owner. The Clean Air Act makes no mention of transmitters and neither do the Tariffs that regulate BC Hydro. They cannot mandate the installation of transmitters as the province has no authority in law to do so. But let’s make no mistake here folks, the Federal Government is in bed with the Province on Smart Meters as well.
    With Smart Meters B.C. Hydro literally has the power to shut off your electricity with a few keystrokes. Every Smart Meter has a unique IP address that B.C. Hydro can use to identify every structure receiving electricity. But this is just the start. In one to two years, the government will mandate that all electrical devices be Smart Grid approved.
    All electrical devices will have controller chips that the Smart Meter can talk to. That means that all electrical devices from ventilators to personal vibrating devices must, by law be Smart Grid compliant. Each device will have a unique controller chip which will tell the Smart Meter what it is, it’s make and model, the amount of energy it’s using, among many other things. Sounds great doesn’t it and B.C. Hydro loves to tell us that we will be able to remotely turn our smart appliances off and on and see how much energy they use. What B.C. Hydro doesn’t tell us, is that they will also be able to turn your smart appliances off and on as well. Do you want to give government the power to turn off your washing machine, your ventilator or any other Smart Grid appliance at will?
    They will have the power to do this and much more, because folks they will be able to see on their computer screen your Smart meter, and ever Smart Grid appliance you have. They will be able to see when you turn your TV on or off, when you turn on your personal vibrating device and when you turn it off, or how long you use your computer. This is not science fiction people. Can you imagine how intrusive this is to our privacy, but how valuable it would be to B.C. Hydro, appliance manufacturers and many other companies. This is the power, Smart Meters will give government. We have to seriously examine the implications of this technology.
    To give you another example of the power of Smart Meters, if B.C. Hydro didn’t want you using your washing machine at 12PM they could shut off all the Smart Grid washing machines in a designated area, and turn them back on when they decide to do so. You would be unable to override B.C. Hydro’s command to turn your washer off.
    What about Smartphones? If Smart Grid technology was mandated for theses devices can you imagine the implications. They could also theoretically listen to you phone conversations, because don’t forget these are digital devices, all binary code. Can you imagine the implications this technology will have on privacy and the democratic freedoms we take for granted?
    The Media, the Courts charged with the duty of protecting our rights under the law, which includes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and even Constitutional experts have all but ignored the threat these devices pose to democracy. There is a place for technology in our society, but there is no place for intrusive devices like Smart Meters in any democratic society. It’s time for people to ensure that our elected politicians get the message that we don’t want any device in our home or any appliance that violates our right to privacy and security.
    B.C. Hydro will say that they will never abuse this power but if ever there was a case where the statement “, power tends to corrupt, but absolute power corrupts absolutely”, this is it. We have given up our rights to privacy in many aspects of our lives, but we should never give up our right to privacy in our own home. In closing, if we as citizens of the World, allow this Legislated Tyranny to go unchallenged, we will collectively share the blame for the loss of Democracy in this country and around the world. I invite B.C. Hydro to refute any of the statements I have made as being fictional and beyond the capabilities of Smart Meters and Smart Grid appliances.

  4. burbankaction February 17, 2012 at 9:21 am #

    Dear Thomas, thanks you for informing us about what you are doing in B.C. You are inspiring others around the world to do oppose these mandatory meters. I may post some Links on the left side of our blog to websites in Canada that may help others, so they can join your effort. Please keep us updated on developments there, and thank you for informing others about smart meters and why we should oppose them.

  5. Armin Herabit May 18, 2012 at 11:17 am #

    called the BWP to opt-out. I am placed on a list until the new meters available. The new meters are smart but with no RF. $75 installation fee, and $10 additional monthly.
    is there any way to avoid the fees? can we purchase analog meter and install it? Has anyone done that in Burbank?

    Thanks for the hard work…

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