Real Estate Values

Will Smart Meters hurt our real estate values?

The CPUC has issued a Revised Proposed Decision on Smart Meter Options that recommends analog meters as the only feasible option for residents who don’t want smart meters.  Smart Meter opponents say they will still push for no extra fees, charges or higher rates, to oppose the CPUC’s proposed unfair and discriminatory up-front and monthly opt-out fees.

In contrast to what the CPUC is proposing, BWP and GWP have failed to include analog meters as possible options.

As a result, what happens when millions of utility customers serviced throughout most of California by SCE, So Cal Gas, SDG&E and PG&E will be allowed to have analogs…while  GWP and BWP fail to allow residents in Glendale and Burbank to have analog metered homes?

Who would want to buy a home and live here in Glendale and Burbank then?  BWP and GWP’s failed foresight and ill-conceived options proposals could reduce Burbank-Glendale property values, and ability to attract and retain homeowners and residents.

Two thumbs up for the Marin County Association of Realtors for sending this Jan. 6, 2012,  letter to the CPUC opposing forced smart meters, and supporting no-cost opt outs and the right for property owners to keep analog meters.  Here is a copy of their Letter that you can share with your local officials to underscore how installing forced smart meters and charging to keep analogs is creating a real estate problem.

Download Marin Assoc. of Realtors letter by clicking this link: LtrtoCPUC-SmartMeteropt-out-1-6-12

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